May 18, 2022

Apropo investment round: 1.1 million PLN raised with LT Capital

Howdy! 👋 We have just closed an investment round - the 2nd time we have gathered funds and 1st with a VC. Here are some insights, plans for the near future and market overviews from our amazing team!

Warsaw, May 2022: Apropo, a Polish startup and makers of proposal tool for IT companies, has raised 1.1 million Polish zlotys (~225K EUR) in the 1st VC-backed investment round. LT Capital is the main fund of this round.

‘The growth of software house and agencies is highly dependent on their ability to sell and convert leads. Preparing offers is a major part of this area. At times, it can be tedious and ineffective. Preparing good offers take a lot of time and engages technical specialists. Every single working hour of a developer in a software company is quite expensive. Thanks to Apropo, these highly compensated specialists can focus on other tasks, and the repeatable parts of the sales process will be taken care of with our tool.’ - says Mike Grubka, CEO of Apropo.

It is no secret that the recent pandemic and shift to remote work also had an effect on the growing use of Sales is an area that is rapidly automated and organized, more than ever before.

‘Due to the recent shift in mentality and work structure, offering is harder than before. There are fewer physical meetings and opportunities to talk. Our goal for Apropo is to help remedy this.' - adds Mike.

An average professional offer takes between 4 to 16 working hours. Apropo shortens this up to 8 times, giving its users competitive advantage when it comes to speed, accuracy and look & feel of the proposal. This directly translates to more deals.

'Apropo is great wherever offering time is crucial. This means not just software houses and development companies, but also marketing & digital agencies or freelance work. By helping our users automate and improve their sales process, we enable them to develop their companies and focus their attention on what's important' - Natalia Dymek-Sikora, co-founder.

The founding team also consists of Janusz Kozioł (CTO) and Przemek Stanisz (strategic advisor).

'For many years we are supporting innovative Polish companies. We offer them not only the necessary funding, but also access to our experience and international network of partners. We think that Apropo shows great potential thanks to its team and use of AI in sales automation. The IT industry is constantly growing and meets more challenges every year. In our opinion, Apropo is a way of addressing some of these challenges.' - Aleksandra Byrka, Investment Director at LT Capital.

Stay with us for the ride, more great news soon👋

Michael Grubka
CEO at Apropo

Professional Salesman and Negotiator. 7 years of experience in IT sales with more than 70 deals closed and 500 estimates done. Co-owner of award-winning software development company.

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