DefaultValue case study

"I see a positive reaction from our clients"

DefaultValue - a software development company founded by developers and built with technology excellence and transparent partnership core concepts. They have been building web and standalone applications of any complexity since 2009 and really love doing this. Their goal is to provide high quality products and services to add value to their partners businesses.

"I see a positive reaction from our clients compared to the Google Sheets that we used before. Moreover, your proposals focused us to change how we estimate tasks. Time breakdown by role is what we've learned from Apropo. I plan to confirm using due to its simplicity and straightforward way of creating proposals."

Maksym Zaporozhets, Technical Lead, DefaultValue

Top features for DefaultValue

Faster estimation
Considerably less time spent on offer preparation
Assigning different team members with their permissions to projects
Better analytics
More data to help close sales and deliver tailored proposals

Observed the business outcomes

Faster estimation
Thanks to super convenient estimation table
Estimates got standardized with repeatable quoting components
Better analytics
With video recordings of customer’s behavior on the proposal

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