Nextrope case study

"Visible improvement to our process"

Nextrope is a Blockchain & FinTech Software House based in Gdynia, Poland. They have developed the launchpad platform for one of the first tokenizations on the global ICO market and the largest Blockchain conference in the CEE.

Just like other Software Houses, they have a lot of pricing requests and briefs to process. Quickly going through all of them took a lot of effort and many deals were hard to win on time.

"Apropo delivers great value for our team. The tool makes estimation take less time and allows us to properly structure & process incoming requests in a  timely manner. I can recommend Apropo to software companies with sales processes that involve more than 2 people, it really shines in such scenarios."

Michał Andrzejewski, Key Account Manager, Nextrope

Top features for Nextrope

Faster estimation
Considerably less time spent on offer preparation
Assigning different team members with their permissions to projects
Better analytics
More data to help close sales and deliver tailored proposals

Observed the business outcomes

Faster estimation
Thanks to super convenient estimation table
Estimates got standardized with repeatable quoting components
Better analytics
With video recordings of customer’s behavior on the proposal

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