VRpartments case study

"Far more than a templating tool"

VRpartments is a Polish start-up that allows people to walk through apartments virtually and furnish them. It was founded in 2019 by four entrepreneurs – Dimitri, Liza, Taras, and Igor.

VRpartments allow users to browse and furnish apartments without getting up from their favorite couch. You can teleport yourself into each room and walk around as if you were actually there! It’s like magic, but it works on mobile phones, so everyone can use it.

"This really is far, far more than another templating tool. The automatic estimation & customer screen recording provide great value. Our company runs 2 separate customer types: individual users and developers. We also strive to have deals with real estate agents, construction firms and furniture companies. We see huge value in using Apropo in the most crucial partner negotiations."

Taras Gopko, CTO at VRpartments

Top features for VRpartments

Faster estimation
Templates and libraries to speed up estimation
Kanban dashboard – to quickly see what is current status of offer
Better analytics
Insight into clients decision making process thanks to analytics

Observed the business outcomes

Faster estimation
Thanks to super convenient estimation table
Estimates got standardized with repeatable quoting components
Better analytics
With video recordings of customer’s behavior on the proposal

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